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Few would dispute that the title of Trower’s 2022 album – ‘No More Worlds to Conquer’ – is a fair summary of the thumbprint he has left on the musical universe. But as he reminds us, it should not be misinterpreted as his mission being accomplished. ‘I definitely feel like I’m still reaching,’ he considers, ‘with the guitar, and the songs, and everything else.’ Turning once again to his trusty toolkit of Fender Stratocaster and Marshall amp, Trower’s guitar work is ageless, whether that’s the tough chop of ‘Ball of Fire’, ‘Losing You’ and ‘Cloud Across the Sun’, or the slower-burn wah squalls of the title track and ‘Deadly Kiss’. On ‘Waiting for the Rain to Fall’, Trower’s playing is crystalline as a dew drop, while the aching finale, ‘I Will Always Be Your Shelter’, offers a solo whose masterful touch is compelling as anything in his catalogue.


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