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Morgan Wade has never sounded like anybody else, and for a long time, she thought that meant her songs were just for her. ‘Honestly, I think that was really good for me’, she says. ‘It made me think, ‘Alright, well, I’m not going to sing for anybody else, but I’m singing for myself’. Since then, her debut album ‘Reckless’ was released to wildly critical acclaim, with Rolling Stone naming it one of their 50 Best Albums of The Year, and TIME choosing hit single ‘Wilder Days’ as one of their 10 Best Songs of The Year. ‘Reckless’ is a confident rock-and-roll record that introduces a young singer-songwriter who is embracing her strengths and quirks. Her voice, a raspy soprano that can soothe liltingly or growl, is on brilliant display – no longer something she used to hide. The deluxe version of the album includes six additional tracks, including a stunning version of ‘Suspicious Minds’.


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