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Satriani and his touring band, who all recorded remotely in separate areas of the world during lockdown, deliver an album-length journey that never dulls. ‘The Elephants of Mars’ crackles with an exciting new energy, briskly traveling through stylistic roads that feel freshly updated, viewed through new eyes. From the gripping, sci-fi madness of ‘Through A Mother’s Day Darkly,’ to the isolation felt in a decaying urban landscape, as depicted in ‘Sahara,’ to the general endorphin levels that peak as the elephants finally roar in the title track, ‘The Elephants of Mars’ will stampede across your mind, leaving a sonic imprint that doesn’t fade. Thanks to the pandemic removing all time constraints, ‘The Elephants of Mars’ truly represents the album that Satriani himself hoped he could deliver with his band.


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