I Can’t Let Go On Sale

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Memories of unrequited love, fits of longing, instances of anxiety, and unfiltered snapshots interlock like puzzle pieces into a mosaic of well-worn country, ’90s-style alternative, and unassuming pop. She writes the kind of tunes meant to be grafted onto dusty old vinyl from your favourite vintage record store, yet perfect for a sun-soaked festival stage. Her first album for Sub Pop, ‘I Can’t Let Go’, is a testament to her powers as a singer and songwriter. In Suki’s words: ‘The album is called ‘I Can’t Let Go’ because for years it felt like I was wearing heavy moments on my sleeve and it just didn’t make sense to do so anymore. There’s so much that I’ve never spoken about. Writing music has always been where it felt safe to do so. Every song for the record was a necessity’.


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