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The two halves of Tampa rap duo They Hate Change – Dre (he/him) and Vonne (they/them) – first came together in front of the apartment complex where they both lived as teens. Dre had just moved down from Rochester, NY; Vonne was trying to sell him bad weed. It was clear from the start that the two listen to music differently from most people – they’re sonic omnivores, obsessive deep-divers, lovers of rare and radical sounds. ‘With this album, Vonne says, ‘it’s really like, okay, you know how you talk about the internet breaking down borders? Here’s what that actually sounds like. It’s not just a hip-hop record with a couple more weird sounds. You want homegrown DIY? This is a record that was written, produced, and recorded in a 150-square-foot bedroom from the least cool city you could think of’. ‘Finally, New’ is what a truly post-genre musical landscape is supposed to be: building deep connections that transcend outdated distinctions between them, spilling over with the joy of exploration and possibility, and daring other artists to think broader, go deeper, take bigger risks. Let the rest of them keep playing by the old rules – They Hate Change will keep changing the game.


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