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Track Track name Artist Time
Track 1 Dun The Roots 1.17
Track 2 Sleep The Roots 2.16
Track 3 Make My (Feat. Big K.R.I.T.) The Roots 4.27
Track 4 One Time (Feat. Phonte and Dice Raw) The Roots 3.56
Track 5 Kool On (Feat. P.O.R.N.) The Roots 3.49
Track 6 The Otherside The Roots 4.03
Track 7 Stomp (Feat. P.O.R.N.) The Roots 2.23
Track 8 Lighthouse The Roots 3.44
Track 9 I Remember The Roots 3.15
Track 10 Tip the Scale The Roots 4.18
Track 11 Redford (For Yia-yia and Pappou) The Roots 1.52
Track 12 Possibility (2nd Movement) The Roots 0.55
Track 13 Will to Power (3rd Movement) The Roots 1.04
Track 14 Finality The Roots 1.31


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